TCAPS Strategic Plan

The district uses its strategic plan to help guide decisions and to ensure the district remains true to its vision where every learner will reach his or her potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging environment.

Core Values

Vision Statement

Every learner will reach his or her potential in an engaging, inspiring, and challenging environment.

Mission Statement

Through actively engaged local and global communities, Traverse City Area Public Schools will inspire students to achieve:

  • Academic excellence,
  • Productive citizenship,
  • Global competency, and
  • Healthy and innovative skills for life-long learning.

Instructional Core Commitment

TCAPS will continuously improve instructional practice while engaging all students in meaningful and challenging work that is focused on rich content.

Global Competency Commitment

TCAPS graduates will be able to learn, adapt, live and work well in our global economy and society.

Continuous Improvement Commitment

TCAPS will sustain an environment of continuously improving the processes that add value to our core mission.


Value Proposition

Families choose TCAPS because we engage each student in the most inspiring, supportive, and challenging learning experience.


TCAPS will become a destination district. Families and organizations will choose to move to the Traverse City area to be a part of TCAPS.

  1. TCAPS provides the strongest academic and extracurricular programming; any time, any place, any way.
  2. TCAPS students achieve the highest student performance per educational dollar invested.
  3. All community members have a genuine and dynamic relationship with TCAPS.

TCAPS Learner Outcomes

  • Problem Solving
  • Self Motivation
  • Strong Communication
  • Community Contributor
  • Adaptability / Innovation
  • Learn from Experiences and Practice Resiliency


  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Literacy Rate
  • Top 5% Performance Nationally
  • 100% Employee Retention
  • Annual Positive Enrollment Growth
  • 100% Community, Parent, and Student Engagement and Satisfaction

Focus Areas

1. Instructional Effectiveness

A. TCAPS will develop innovative programs to leverage current success and meet the future needs of our students: International Baccalaureate, SCI-MA-TECH Academy for Primary, Fine Arts Academy for Primary, Montessori, USCG Virtual School, and Writers’ Academy.

B. All TCAPS teachers will achieve mastery level performance.

C. All students will have the opportunity for a quality preschool experience.

D. All students will read at or above grade level.

E. All students will graduate and enroll in post-secondary education.

2. Resource Support

A. We will create fiscal and operational support systems to drive entrepreneurial, non traditional, and creative district initiatives.

B. We will provide fiscal and operational support for current, successful district initiatives.

C. We will align ongoing, and comprehensive capital planning to support any time, any place, any way teaching and learning.

D. We will ensure positive employee morale.

E. We will ensure all staff will positively impact student achievement.

3. Community Connections

A. We will provide immediate, client-centered service.

B. We will develop avenues that build a sense of inclusion of TCAPS within the community.

C. We will embrace local talent and resources.

D. We will increase the number, depth, and breadth of community-based service learning opportunities.