Summer Adventure Day Camps

For Children Ages 3 – 12

TCAPS Summer Adventure Day Camps are available to children ages 3 – 12. TCAPS Summer Adventure Camps are licensed by the State of Michigan to assure safety, health, and quality measures are met. Staff members are certified in CPR/First Aid and have met training and regulation standards. We offer flexible scheduling options for parents with busy summer schedules. Financial assistance may be available through the Department of Human Services (DHS) for qualifying families. Weekly field trips include (subject to change/cancellation): Centre Ice, Bowling, Beach Trips, Canoeing, State Theatre, Old Town Playhouse, and more.

Drop-In Information

Due to the large number of campers registering for the TCAPS Summer Adventure Day Camps this year, we will not be not able to accept drop-ins. Licensing requirements on the staff-to-student ratio  that must be maintained at all times as well as space constraints make it more difficult for us to be as flexible with schedule changes as we have in the past. We ask families who have already registered for summer camp for your patience and understanding and to limit schedule changes as much as possible. We will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs when we can, but it may not always be possible. We are looking forward to a great summer of making new friends and sharing some great adventures!

Google DocView the Early Childhood Programs Participant Handbook


2018 Dates & Locations to be Announced March 12th