Science Curriculum

Elementary Science

TCAPS’ elementary science uses an inquiry-based science curriculum. There are activities and/or experiments for life science, physical science and earth science in all grades, kindergarten through fifth grade.

TCAPS Elementary Science Essential Questions:

  • How do we use inquiry and technology to support understanding?
  • How do we understand and communicate scientifically?
  • How does change occur over time?
  • How does energy flow through systems?

Secondary Science

TCAPS' secondary science department has aligned its curriculum in order to meet the graduation requirements set forth by the State of Michigan. These requirements dictate that each student must take a minimum of three science credits throughout their high school career beginning with the Class of 2011. Each student must also gain credit in biology, and a credit in chemistry or physics. The third year may then be an elected science. TCAPS is proud to offer several credits that would meet this criterion beginning in the eighth grade. These science courses range from earth science and environmental science, to forensic science and honors physiology.

TCAPS’ science classes are focused so that students will not only have sufficient knowledge of the content, but also have the background that they need in order to demonstrate proficiency on the state mandated MME exam and credit assessments. This exam will be the ACT test along with added questions that are taken from the state curriculum, which make up the secondary credit assessments. TCAPS’ secondary science department is committed to quality instruction and comprehensive curriculum that will ensure learning success for all students.

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